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Dog Bites

In our dog-friendly society, dogs go everywhere with their people in Austin. Some see this as a good change in society, but a dog bite injury can cause serious lacerations, deep puncture wounds, infections, rabies and even disfigurement.

Texas law does not have a specific dog bite statute as some other states do, rather, the courts in Texas operate under a “one-bite rule.”

What Is The One-Bite Rule?

If an owner’s dog has not bitten anyone before, the owner may not be held responsible for the injuries and medical expenses their dog caused.

In order to recover damages, it must be proven that the dog bit someone before, or acted like it wanted to bite someone, and the dog’s owner knew the dog had a tendency to be mean.

It can be very difficult to recover damages if you have been bitten by a dog.

Dog Owners Can Be Held Responsible For Dog Bite Injuries

In order to get the most advantageous outcome for your dog bite injury case, whether you choose to settle or take your case to court, there are other methods, including suing for:

  • Negligent handling
  • Negligence per se
  • Landlord liability

There is a two-year statute of limitations to sue the dog owner, otherwise you will be unable to initiate a lawsuit.

Texas Dog Bite Lawyer Gets The Compensation You Need

Depending on the nature of the dog bite, seek medical attention immediately. Be sure to wash the area and consult a doctor at the very least.

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