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Trucking Accidents And 18-Wheeler Collisions

The trucking industry is all about commerce and the movement of products nationwide. Trucks are coming and going from the hub of Austin-headquartered corporations; thousands of trucks are dispatched hourly.

While the trucking industry is a highly regulated industry, with strict rules created to protect people, trucking accidents are still causing devastating life-changing accidents in Texas. A truck crash is often fatal to other drivers involved, or cause catastrophic results.

If you are suffering injuries caused by a trucking accident, Scott S. Vasquez can help you recover compensation for the cost of your medical expenses.

Tough Legal Advocacy

Attorney Vasquez has the resources to investigate the root cause of the accident and hold the trucking company accountable for their negligence such as:

  • 18-wheeler accidents caused by drivers who exceeded their legal drive-time limits and the driver was tired
  • Trucking accidents caused by a poorly maintained truck when a corporation decided to cut their maintenance shop’s budget
  • An inexperienced truck driver did not have enough background to make proper decisions in a road emergency
  • A trucking company did not follow proper training schedules, drive schedules and maintenance schedules for their fleet of trucks

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At Vasquez Law Firm, we work with you and together hold the trucking industry accountable for their lack of care. When you are injured, you need a lawyer who is experienced and who will aggressively represent you from beginning to end.

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